Vintage is tré Vouge!

The name Vivian Estelle was created to honor my beloved grandmothers. They were amazing women with a zest for life and an eye for all things beautiful. My beautiful children and I created this business over 10 years ago and enjoy hunting for our “treasures” together. My daughter is a master builder and architect of all things "jewelry" if I can design it she can build it. My son is also a creative entrepreneur and he makes totally amazing cufflinks out of vintage stamps he finds. Vivian Estelle offers one-of-a-kind vintage bracelets, and stunning unique necklaces.
Some vintage pieces that are splendidly relevant in their current form are simply offered for a new season of appreciation. Others, we have re-purposed, taking care to preserve their history while creating a new contemporary piece. We really hope you enjoy our shop!
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